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Where It All Began

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

I sat in the garden this morning and thought “typical me”.

This blog post was destined to be deep (I thought). A profound passage of writing that was going to split your perspective into a million electrons and cock your head spaniel style, questions rising thick and fast like “hold on...if this is true, then what the hell have I been doing my whole life”? You know. THAT kind of blog post.

Perfectionism shaken with a self marker of distinction complex, I am my own worst (and best) critic. This is part of the reason this website has taken so long to be born. And MY god, has it felt like a birth (respect to the women out there who have actually given birth). So my thoughts jilt once more. This time to the times in which we are living. Uncertain. Volatile. Turbulent. Confusing. (R)Evolving. Ta DA. The penny drops. “Of course I’m launching myself in the tidal waves of’s what I’ve always done, and will always do”.

“I learned very early on the only constant in life is change: something I thrive on.”

When you think of the word ‘Change’ what comes to mind? Say the word and close your eyes. What visions come. What voice speaks to you? What words drop into your mind's eye? Now say the word ‘Uncertain’ and do the same again. Notice the difference? 

If words of positive affirmation arrived I salute you. You are around the 2.4% of people on this planet that see uncertainty and change as an opportunity. For the rest of us, negative associations run deep. Feelings like worry, anxiety and confusion rise spiraling us into wells of low vibrational frequency and often, depression. Why? Because we feel out of control and control is what keeps up feeling safe. Now think of the words associated with ‘Control’ and ‘Safety’: Secure. Stable. Predictable. Consistent. Contained. You get the picture? But what if we could feel safe and secure in times of consistent change? 

What we don’t get taught at schools or often by our parents, is how to navigate through uncertainty. How to find our sails that guide us seamlessly through the storm with direction  and confidence rather than being blown aimlessly around by it. Life isn’t fun when we feel we’re at the mercy of metaphorical winds and tides, it feels torturous, but unfortunately, that’s how most of us live. 


From the moment I entered this world I have felt weighted. Not a heavy, suppressive kind of weight but a rooted, earthed and grounded kind. Growing up, I was penetrated with unconditional love. The kind of love that provides an invisible anchor to the centre of your soul and allows you to fly at any time, in any direction with the unshakeable knowledge that you can. It wasn’t until my late teens / early twenties did I realise that this almighty energy was pretty much the sole reason for who I am today and how lucky I was to have been given this gift. If love was given to me conditionally, my view of the world and it’s infinite possibilities would have been jaded. I would be spending time unpicking the truth of what is, rather than what is not. Fast forward a couple of decades (those stories will come later)...

...And here I am.

Helping humans rediscover who they truly are. Teaching them how to live peacefully rather than persistently. Nourishing parts of them they forgot existed. Co-creating lives devoid of suffering and full of joy. As one of my most cherished spiritual sages Baba Ram Dass would have said, “Natasha, we’re all just walking each other home”. 

So my dears I ask you this, in light of what you know (and what you don’t), what is it you seek? What core feeling is missing you so desperately desire? What has surfaced in you during these unprecedented times. How is change changing you?

Sit with these questions. Sit with them in stillness. Go deep and I ensure you, when you do (not if), you will be shown how to return home.

All my love, always,


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